[ROM][官方][13][fajita][enchilada] PixelExperience13 For 一加6T/一加6

刷机包 [ROM][官方][13][fajita][enchilada] PixelExperience13 For 一加6T/一加6 android-13.0.0_r63

ROM side:
  • July security patch
  • Source rebased
  • Updated gapps and translations
  • Performance and under the hood improvements
Device side:
  • Add reboot_fastboot action to power menu
  • Decommonize some blobs
  • Display tuning
  • Charger mode tuning: Offline some cpu cores to charge faster
  • Enable zram writeback feature
  • Sepolicy tuning
  • Do not balance msm_drm and kgsl-3d0 IRQs
  • Use clang-r487747c for kernel compilation
  • Switch to fastboot custom HAL(Try “fastboot oem getprop ro.boot.project_codename” in fastbootd mode) :D
  • Clean up useless log spams
  • Sync gpt-utils with LA.UM.10.3.r1-01700-sdm845.0
  • Enable zram deduplication
  • Disable UFS powersaving in recovery mode (Shouldn’t it flash ROMs faster?)
  • update wfd system blobs from LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-05300-qssi.0 (That is wifi display feature)
  • Change perms to hide Magisk in banking apps
  • Update Telephony related stuffs (That really costs me much hardwork XD. Update system blobs from LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-08200-qssi.0 . Kang some configuration from device_qcom_common)
  • Radio tuning
  • Mark WifiOverlay as coreApp
  • Defer ZRAM initialization to boot_complete (This may speed up booting a bit)
  • Address more sepolicy denials
  • Remove FM Tuner from audio input devices (to fix problems with google recorder)
  • Zram size is again increased to 50% of total ram
  • Remove some unused stuff in rootdir
  • Update telephony blobs to LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-10000.02-qssi.0
  • Update CarrierConfig to LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-10000.02-qssi.0
  • Move to Pixel AIDL power HAL
  • Kang powerhint.json from crosshatch
  • Remove QTI perfd & I/O prefetcher
  • Add SchedTune configuration
  • Set boottime/runtime stune value
  • Move default.prop properties to vendor.prop
  • Disable ART debug and optimize dexpreopt
  • More power saving changes in powerhint.json
Kernel side:
  • Hundreds of excellent commits(from bananafunction)
  • MANY MANY improvements including but not limited to updated wifi drivers, updated exfat driver, updated zstd & lz4 module, zram deduplication feature, log spam & debugging feature killing, erofs backport, support to some hid devices…… :p
  • Merge April Security Patch!
  • Sepolicy tuning Zram tuning (Reduced zram size to about 3816MB; set page-cluster to 0)
  • Disable client composition cache
  • Switch cpu variant to kryo 385
  • Kernel Improvements
  • 合并三月更新
  • 震动优化
  • 启用haptics text cursor
  • 修复一些设备的随机启动失败

2.使用clang 17编译内核
1. 更新内核到4.9.337
2. 合并 LA.UM.10.3.r1-01700-sdm845.0 到内核
3. 修复指纹
1. 从Android 13.0.0_r13 升级到 Android 13.0.0_r23
2. 一月更新!
3. 内核:从4.9.333升级到4.9.336
4. 对于动态分区使用erofs
5. 移植Syberia OS的Vibrator HAL
6. 用clang-r475365b (clang-16.0.2) 编译内核
7. 针对迈凯伦版本优化
8. 实现 NoCutOutOverlay
9. 内核优化&增强
10. 加快启动速度

* 同时特别感谢 @暮间雾 提供服务器